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Singing Together (5 Sessions)


A wonderful singing hour at Mini&Me. The class is led by a professional singer with a classical music background. Our focus is to create a lots of fun through singing, dancing and bit of touch of different instruments, which is fun for both Minis & Me.

"It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love" Ricard

Courses start on every Wednesday 10:15 or Friday 10:15 

Classes last 45 minutes and include a open play pass for 1 hour. 
While the minis play, parents can enjoy our complimentary selection of drinks and snacks. 

The cost for the course (5 sessions) is 60 Euros.

The classes cost is not refundable.
20% off  for siblings attending the same class.


If you would like to sing with us, please send an email to: